Edith Hammar (b. 1992 Helsinki) is a visual artist whose most important tool is ink on paper. Their drawings feature recurring motifs which are in many ways autobiographical, focusing on the experiences and images of gender non-conforming characters, socialising, relaxing, and getting dressed or undressed in various casual but utopian settings. The often large-scale drawings invite the viewer into a sort of portal, a window onto a safe and blissful dimension where both artist and onlooker can test out desires and needs.

Everyday objects take centre-stage in these fantasies, suddenly lighting a candle nestled between ass cheeks can make total sense, or shaving someone’s head is the most romantic thing in the world.

In 2020 Hammar released their debut comic book Homo Line (Förlaget M) in Finland, and as of 2022 their works are in the permanent collection of Modern Museum of Art in Stockholm. They hold a BA in fine art from the Royal Academy of Fine arts in Stockholm.

Edith by their piece Tändstockor at Moderna Museet in Stockholm, spring 2022