Graphic novel
214 pages
Language: Swedish
Published fall 2023
Förlaget M

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Edith Hammar is awarded Prisma Literature Prize for Portal

”In a story that depicts both contemporary and historical queer spaces, Edith Hammar explores what it would be like if these encounter in a frozen Helsinki.

Portal is a series that engages the reader through the character of Elia, the friendships depicted, and Elia’s newfound love for Eki. The imagery creates a dreamy landscape that we can get lost in and build on thanks to the story’s endless possibilities.”

When Elia goes ice skating, an antiquated Moskvich car appears. And then, it disappears in a puff of smoke, as if by magic. But the next evening, the car and its driver, Eki, return with an enticing 1950s vibe. When Elia neglects his friends’ movie night and karaoke, they become worried – is Elia slipping into depression again? Elia sinks deeper into the relationship with Eki, who truly seems to come straight from the past. It is as if Elia is disappearing into fantasies of a lawless and freer time.








Åbo Underrättelser